July 31, 2011

All About Handwriting

Seriously Primary is hosting a little linky party all about handwriting. This is perfect because I was just thinking about my beginning of the year skills block lessons. Handwriting is a key skill that will really help the kiddos succeed in communicating their ideas. Read more to see what I found on all things handwriting...

From Handwriting Without Tears:
As a nation, we place great emphasis on the importance of reading and writing. Yet, when it comes to literacy, handwriting often is left out of the conversation. Researchers have highlighted the relationship between handwriting and composition skills. They are supporting what elementary educators see on a daily basis: good handwriting habits foster student success. Children need explicit instruction to achieve legible and fluent handwriting.
We are so right! Handwriting is important. We have all witnessed the struggles of students to express themselves because they have problems forming their letters. It does the whole class a great service if handwriting was really focused on and celebrated during the beginning of the school year.

I have put together a list of topics in which you can plan handwriting lessons around. They can fit right into whatever content you are teaching at the time. Get it here.

Check out these resources to see if they fit what you need:

And here is an article about why writing makes us smarter:

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for hosting this great linky party!

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