July 26, 2011

Behavior Interventions and Management

This is my first "Linky Party" and I must say that I have learned so much from others! Very cute ideas.
This is my Behavior Chart from last year. I had to modify my chart from the year before because the levels were carried out through K-2 in my new school.

Previously I started all my kids on S and the either proved to go up to S+ or better yet E. Of course bad choices mean going down to S- and U. This worked very well for me.

Click here to the see post about my CHAMPs Board from 2009.

I also write a CHAMP out for every activity and transition. This takes a while, but is well worth the trouble.

For specific behavior issues, you should get this book:
The Teacher's Encyclopedia Behavior Management: 100 Problems/500 Plans
From the Safe & Civil Schools Program

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