August 15, 2013

My WBT Declaration

I want to let it be known to all...
Click image to visit Whole Brain Teaching

If you haven't taken the plunge into the depths of WBT, you really should before the 1st day of school approaches!

I was trained in CHAMPs and lived by my clippy chart, but now...whoa! My mind has seriously been blown away by WBT's: 
  1. Chris Biffle - GeNiUs!
  2. Resources - abuntant and FREE
  3. It makes so much sense!
  4. It matches my steee-lo completely.
Why haven't I heard of this sooner?!? (directed to teaching gods)
Well actually, I have been noticing the posts in bloggy land, but choose not to delve into a new thing.
But then I saw and read about it here (Taming the Wild: Classroom Management Linky) more than once:

Who directed me to my favorite:
Dee Dee had some great photo examples of the tools of WBT that engaged me. 
I wanted to learn more about this new thing is was seeing.

Who then directed me to:
Nicole is well on her way to becoming a certified WBT Teacher Level 5!
I can't wait to see how she rolls out the practices in her classroom.
She had so many great ideas I had to learn even more.

This led me to become a member on WBT.
Certification Points through FB lessons/tasks!
Great Free Materials!
Fantastic and Inspiring Videos!
(so many !!! I can hardly take it)

Just wanted to also share the love, because really that is another reason why this approach is so successful. It is a group sourced behavior management system that is growing and changing as we need it to. In order for this to really work, it needs to be practiced within the classroom and share what has worked. Let's do this!
Go to there now! :)

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