February 5, 2012

You Will Be My Friend! by Peter Brown

This week my class will be enjoying Peter Brown's new book, You Will Be My Friend!
Monday - The introduction will take the knowledge of the students to make a list of what friendship is, especially how to make and keep friends.

Tuesday - The class will work together to make a story map of Lucy's adventure.

Wednesday - Students will practice using transitional words when they are retelling a familiar story.

Thursday - The class will evaluate the story and create a class book review.

Friday - Reader's Theater: Students will act out the story in groups.

Watch this cute trailer to meet Peter Brown and Lucy:

YOU WILL BE MY FRIEND, PETER BROWN! from Gwen Schroeder on Vimeo.

Other friendship resources:
Acrostic Poem Download


laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

I just saw that book yesterday! I knew I should have gotten it!!
First Grade Blue Skies

vicky1970 said...

That book is so cute and it looks like you did some really great stuff with it. Cute blog, I'm glad I found you. I teach first also, come visit me.
~ Vicky
Traditions Laughter and Happily Ever After

stinabug456 said...
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stinabug456 said...

I just found your blog via pinterest. I work at an IB candidate school and I love your bubble learner profile reflection sheet. Would you mind if I shared it with other teachers at my school? I teach kinder and it is perfect for my little ones.

Nicole Calderbank said...

Sure @stinabug456. ^_^ Enjoy!

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