September 29, 2012

Introducing New Vocabulary Words

Introducing new words can be tricky. You don't want you students to come out of your lesson looking like this...

Here are a few ideas that I find helpful and engaging. I built this routine into my weekly Skills Block and definitely saw good growth over the course of the year.

1. What does the word look like?
Just a brief discussion of the visual aspect of the word. What other words look like this one?
  • Letter Sort
    • Students sit in a circle
    • Pass out vocabulary word cards (you can only give out one set of the word cards or make enough so that each student has a card, this means that more than one student will have the same word)
    • Play a letter song, chant a poem, or just call out the visual prompt that you are teaching
    • Students will place their word card in the center of the circle if their word fits the prompt
    • Chart these words
    • Resource: Words Their WayJack Hartmann's Vowel Song

2. What does the word sound like?
Say the word. Chant the word (in a fun way! Say it high, low, loud, soft, etc.) What other words does it sound like?

3. What does this word remind you of?
Keep this one brief. Choose a few students to give you a quick reminder and jot it down for them to see. (Word Map, Anchor Chart, etc.)
  • Text Sort
    • Read each word to the class
    • Have them decide which story element it relates to (character, setting, problem, solution)
    • Sort into content related categories

4. Related Vocabulary Resources - eWord Game for reading, math, and science
BrainPOP Jr. Big Word Wall
More Vocabulary Activities

Hope this helps some of you out there!

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