September 7, 2011

Rainy Day Recess - Adventure to Fitness

I was introduced to this FREE program last year. When the weather is unkind, flip on your projector and log on to Adventure to Fitness. It is a 30 minute video that takes your whole class on an adventure. Mr. Marc is the guide who has to fight Mr. Laze and his unhealthy habits. The kids are so excited when it's Adventure Time. I hope that you find this as helpful as I have.

Go to Teacher Login and create a new account to find all the great episodes.

Side note-
Make sure your speakers work well, the sound is a little low. And this is not recommended for classes on the second floor...lots of running and jumping. ^_^

Home Screen

Available kids loved the Super Volcano.

There are printable lesson plans and student activities with each episode for three age levels.

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Kristin Wynegar said...

this is neat! thanks for sharing