September 18, 2011

Dolphin Tale for the Classroom

I was so excited to see the trailer for the upcoming movie Dolphin Tale. Superb actors AND director AND story... This movie is going to be fantastic!

Two years ago, I shared this book with my class...
A special Scholastic Book Fair find.
We were so excited to be a part of the LIVE webcast of Winter at his home in Clearwater, FL. The site still has a link to the webcast. It is a heartwarming story that your kids will fall in love with.

The students then had a blast playing at Winter's home site at Turtle Pond Publications (also home to Owen, Mzee, Knut, Miza, Leo, Junior Buddy, Lola, and Tiva). The sing-a-long is the best. So funny...

Let's introduce our kids to empathy and courage through this fantastic tale! Go Team Winter! ^_^

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