August 23, 2011

New Teacher Advice

1. Stay positive! When there are things out of your control, let it be and move on to something you can put positive energy blogging. JJ

2. Take it ( ( ( s l o w ) ) ).  Don't get caught in a whirlwind that you can't handle. If the kids aren't getting something, turn around, go back, and work on it till it's right. Build that good foundation.

3. Organize with the ending in mind. For example, if there is a project you are particularly proud of, keep a student sample and start a portfolio. File things that you have been given by theme or month so everything is easier to retrieve next year. Be thoughtful about the materials and files you collect or you will become the crazy file lady!!! ^_^

My first year was tremendous! I learned so much about myself teaching my first class. It must be done to grow. Keep your head up and enjoy the wild ride!

Oh! I forgot...have someone throw you a Teacher Shower! One of my student teachers had one and it was so fun. Make a list of supplies you will need and pass it along to the host to organize. I wish I had one...

Thank you Anna at
for starting the conversation!

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Kim and Scott said...

I LOVE the teacher shower idea! That is so cool! The cake in the picture is awesome! Thanks for sharing!