August 16, 2011

Classroom Before and After

School has begun. Must. Post.

Let me first say, I really love my new school. We started out the year like most of you, with a general faculty meeting. What was really cool and special about this meeting was that we finished the day by visiting our school neighborhoods with our new school shirts (Year of the Dragon) in a big yellow bus! Imagine being a kid hearing whistles, kazoos, maracas, and teachers cheering for you to get back to school! It was so fun. The kids were so happy to see us. What a wonderful way to become a part of my new community and school family.

And now for your viewing pleasure. Classroom pics:

The before, before...
The whole school was renovated, so while we were on the bus singing and hollering, the school looked like this.

When I first walked in...6 days before the first day of school:

Every rug in the hallway stacked very nicely.

Every old clock in the building stacked very nicely.

Yes...that is what you see...

It took 2 days to get it like this...

And three more days to get it like this...
These were taken after the first day of school.

Love the new ceiling mounted projector! Yay!

Wide shelving to make sure books aren't shoved and stuffed back into their boxes. Fan because there's no air in the room. Yikes! 

 Kind of messy afternoon dump-on-the-table picture.
Word Wall, Behavior Chart, and Brownie Points Pan. Throughout out the first trimester the students will be creating the alphabet chart, classroom agreement charts, anchor charts, and other references around the room. This explains my blank walls.

Calendar Math

Right now I'm working on my classroom CHAMPs plan. I know my little guys well enough to put in place some more structure. Moving to a new state has it's challenges, but I am so excited to have the Florida knowledge and PD to mix and choose with the Colorado style. I think blogging helps us as a nation to see what's is required of other states and how we can find common ways to reach our kids.

Thanks everyone again for sharing your love of learning and teaching!

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