August 3, 2011

Currently...using Glogster

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listening to the Givers. Makes me so hap-happy. *\ 0_0 /*
loving my family. ^_^
thinking about cake. So delicious. *_*
wanting a Kate Spade clutch. $325...((s i g h))
needing to exercise. Gotta get off my blogging booty.
stalking Geninne's (non-teaching) Art Blog. I love her beautiful birds! And also these lovely blogs...

First Grade Blue Skies

Thank you
for hosting the party!


oh' boy said...

thanks for linking UP!!!

Teach Love said...

Anytime! This was fun^_^

Keri Kelly said...

I teach grade 2 and have been using technology in my classroom, too! I love all the programs and the different things you can do with tech. I am now following your blog (found it through the linky party)