August 29, 2009


Here you see my Math and Science windows, Every Day Counts board, Word Wall, meeting carpet, media cart (new addition this year that we love, love, love!), my desk, and student tables. I have 5 areas of 3-4 students. Only 3 students at a time will have "training desks" to get them ready to have their own organized desks during the 3rd quarter.

Class Library - I glued clothes pins to the tops of the shelves to hide my teacher stuff and to display class made reading charts. The big boxes are for backpack storage.

Guided Reading- The empty shelf is for text books yet to be distributed. The black papers on the walls are clipped onto clothes pins and are future homes to great student writing to be shown off. I had to use 3m hooks to hang my pocket chart on the window.

Writers Shelf - Here you see files for portfolios and the training desks. The shelf right next to it is the paper and supplies shelf as well as the weekly shared reading poetry chart. That little drawer unit houses all of the letter stamps and picture stamps. Thank you Mrs. Allen! She let be borrow the unit.

Meeting Area - Shelves surrounding the carpet house all of our math tools.

Teaching Station - Name chart has jobs clothes pinned to it.

Vocabulary, Word Study, Writing Rubric Wall, and CHAMPs board - Words and definitions and spelling words are put up on these pocket charts. Writing samples and notes go on the three colored pocket charts.

Red- Below standard
Blue- Almost there
Green- Awesome writing examples

CHAMPs board written and practiced as a class. We play Sad or Glad. Students act out a Sad or Glad behavior for the activities we CHAMP.

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