July 20, 2009

Planning Skills Block with Professor Garfied

Looking over my new learning schedule, I had a sudden urge to explore all of my bookmarked internet finds and came across Professor Garfield.


What is the Professor Garfield Foundation?
The Professor Garfield Foundation learning portal is a fun interactive online environment where children can safely explore, learn and creatively express themselves. The Foundation (PGF) was formed in 2003 as a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization to provide children, parents, and teachers an opportunity to enhance and support classroom learning in new and innovative ways.

And so, I decided to investigate the sight to see if there was anything of use to me and found that it totally could fit into my first week of skills block reviews. And hopefully make things a bit more fun! ^_^ We love fun!

I thought that we could complete each level as a class, perhaps in teams. Then I would have all 40 words already on cards for groups to sort by vowel sounds.

The Match of Mystery has sound matches for short vowels, long vowels, vowel digraphs, VCe pattern, and vowel diphthongs & digraphs.

On Orson's Farm, there are more emergent phonemic awareness activities. (Matching pictures for their sounds and such...).

There are many fun and relevant activities here to explore. Hope you find something useful to you. ^_^ No lasagna, unfortunately.

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