March 7, 2015

Happy International Women's Day! (with a Freebie Story Map Gift)

Women all over the world probably aren't doing anything else special today other than what they are already doing, which is...
Kicking B-U-T-T!
You go girls!
I am super proud to be a wife, mom, and teacher.
I am grateful that there are women brave enough to fight back but,
I know that there are many women who are also hiding that need help.
I try my best to help those in need, 
but what if they never ask for help?
What if they are too afraid?
What if they don't know who to ask?
I am praying tonight for solutions to help those in need and hope that they find their light soon.

Sharing Google beautiful artwork here...
Also am going to share a few freebies that I created this weekend.

Click on the preview pics to get files. Enjoy friends!

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