July 23, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday

"Why hello there stranger."

That's me talking to my blog.

What a wild and cray-cray three years it has been for my family.
Three states and a bouncing baby boy later... (Aw! Love him!)

...I find myself totally immersed back into lovely Teacher Blogland.

I love all of the collabo and sharing. As for sharing, I decided that my first step back into the blog-ness would be a fun linky party:

Here are my MUST HAVES:

1. A Great Pencil Sharpener

Yep, it's the one everyone is posting. There definitely is a reason why. I remember the day I got this puppy in the mail. I ran around the school demonstrating it's fantastic qualities and passing around the ordering info like a QVC presenter.

2.  Fun Things to Grade With

I subscribe to the idea that my enthusiasm for student work  will rub off on the kids through stickers and smelly markers.

3. A Stash of Teacher Snacks

If I am hungry, I am grumpy. Who wants a hungry grump around? Not me and certainly not my kiddos. I have a mini-fridge stashed with  green tea, my daily snack of pb&j on wheat waffles (so good),  and a random assortment of other after school treats.  I also love the Starbucks VIA instant coffees.

4. Cute Binders for Everything

I love to pull out my Data Notebook and Lesson Planner and look at the pretty colors. Ahhhh...
They really do make the work go down a bit better. Especially when they are organized with colorful tabs. I bought mine from Target. Love the Greenroom brand.

5. Something Grand Your Kids Will Remember

I made a camp fire, projected a forrest backdrop, and played a forest nature soundtrack and we just sat around after lunch and told stories. It was awesome!  Other ideas: Classroom tree, beach umbrella, teepee...

6. Something Growing and Changing

It's always fun to start a plant with a class. They get so excited to see the changes. Other ideas: Sea Monkeys, butterflies, tad poles...

7. Small Group Table

Love the kidney!

8.  Starbucks Tumbler

I used one of my gift cards to buy mine, and I know you all have one too! It's funny to see more than one classroom tour with a  Starbucks tumbler or mug hanging out somewhere in the background. Coffee, good!

9. Good Computer Speakers

It's a terrible thing to try to share a fun song with the kids  when the volume only goes so loud. Gotta get good speakers!

10. Sound Blockers and Headphones

Solid foamed headphones for all technology and for blocking sound for kids who need protection, especially during those pesky fire drills.

Hope you are having a great summer!

Thanks Courtney for all of your inspiration! Visit her here:
Swimming Into Second

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Courtney Bartlett said...

Thanks for linking up Nicole! Your little boy is precious! I wish I had enthusiasm for grading. I think those smelly markers would help! I totally agree about the speakers and the coffee.

Swimming into Second