January 7, 2012

My Go-To Book(s)

Stephanie at Teaching in Room 6 is hosting her first link party. What is that one resource that you couldn't live without? The one book that is above all others?
 I looked at the other blogger picks and found that my go-to's are the same as all of yours. They are just great resources to have on hand. Growing Readers, Reading with Meaning, and all the great Lucy Calkins books.

So then I decided that I should choose two that we have been studying at my school this year. They are perfect for shaping the discussions in your class into something they can really grow and learn from. The five math talk moves in Classroom Discussions can really be used in all subjects and areas of learning.


Laura said...

Just found your blog and want to award you the Versatile Blogger Award :) Check it out at www.tattlingtotheteacher.blogspot.com


Jeannie said...

Teach like a champion is a fabulous book. What a wonderful site! I am so glad I found it! I am your newest follower! Come see me too!
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