December 22, 2011

I Want That...NOW! An Economics Unit

Hi there! I'm jumping right in to some good resource hunting for our next IB Unit, I Want That...NOW!

Disciplinary Theme - 
How We Organize Ourselves
Line of Inquiry- 
Families participate in a 
market economy as producers and consumers.

Let's start with a book list to pull ideas from -
  • Nothing by Jon Agee
    • This book also leads to discussions on signs, advertisements, and figuring out how consumers convince each other that they "need" something.

Otis makes a killing when his customers find that they really need to keep buying a bunch of nothing.

This classic nursery rhyme is an enjoyable read aloud that introduces the concept of a market. Super Cool Note - Janet Stevens went to art school here in Colorado. The market in the book is right here in Boulder, CO.
You know this one...wants and needs in a tear-jerking lesson.
Goods and services

Now onto some online resources -

And finally, printables-

So tired -_- z.z.z....coming soon.....


Jen R. (The Teachers' Cauldron) said...

thank you for the resources!! :)

♥ Jen Ross
The Teachers' Cauldron

Miss Rorey said...

Thanks for all of the great ideas. We decided in a meeting last month to change one of our current PYP units for grade three next year into an economics unit and you have already help me start to prepare.