August 5, 2011

Dollar Deals - Dollar Tree

Holy $80 at Dollar Tree...

First let me explain...I have just relocated to Boulder, Co from Jacksonville, FL. My hubby found a new job here that he LoVeS. I have been searching all summer for a job and just recently was hired into a first grade classroom at an awesome school. More news on the school later.  In transition, I was only able to bring the bare minimum of my classroom and teaching materials. I am excited to start over again, especially with all of the new inspiration I am digging up from the blog/Pinterest/FB teaching realm.

Here are some goodies I scored from the local DT:

My giant IKEA bag. So great for shopping trips like this.

Aren't these shoe boxes cute? Going to use them for math centers.

Word Wall pointers made from fly swatters.

Back to School treat bags

20 green bins for Individual Book Boxes. Plan to paint them.

Woodland theme paper, number reference stickers, alphabet reference stickers, sunflower doilies, and other paper shapes.

5 cookie sheets for a behavior chart idea I have and these really cute crayon color books.

Portable Center bags. I plan on painting these as well.

Magnetic boxes and sink stuff ^_^

Stickers, charts, and presents for birthday graphing.


Anonymous said...

You really got a lot of great stuff! Those word wall pointers made from fly swatters? Genius! :-) Congratulations on the new job too!

Teach Love said...

Yes! Very excited about the new job. Thank you ^_^ My kids love the pointers.

Rhoda said...

Wow! You practically got everything you'd need for your class! Love it!