May 15, 2009

Flying (and Reading) With Kids


Yes, I have joined ANOTHER Ning (so addictive...I really don't keep up with all of them as I should though, to be honest). But this Ning is associated with the Read With Kids Challenge hosted by Reading Is Fundamental and US Airways. They want to log 5 million reading minutes by June 30th. I have been logging in my kids and my class minutes in hopes of winning some of their goodies as well as raise literacy awareness. Really!

So about the Ning...
I just posted this little ditty about flying with kids and thought that I would also share here what I have learned over my 12 years of parenting...

The best advice I have for flying with children is make your self as comfy as possible and enjoy yourself.

1. bring little gifts for the kids as a mid-flight surprise (a book, magazine, small toy, awesome pen...)
2. pack fresh snacks (fruits and such)
3. bring your favorite teabags (stewards can supply the hot water for you)
4. bring wet wipes and lotion ( rehydrate your skin during a flight can make you feel so much better)
5. don't forget the neck pillow!
6. don't forget the eye masks for night flights
7. bring extra outfits for each kid
8. give them their own carry-on backpack to be in charge of

I love traveling with my kids and they really love to fly. Our next trip is to Denver. Hello Rockies!

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