May 25, 2009

End of the Year Event Planning

1st Grade - EOY Celebration Flier - Get more Business Documents

So, this is my third attempt at an End of the Year Celebration. I have learned to:

1. Keep it simple.
2. Keep it fun.
3. It's going to be messy and crazy anyway you cut it, which is perfectly okay. :-)

Really! I have fun and hope that the kids take this time to have a blast with their buddies before summer break. I will be making a slide show with all of the year's activities on it. Each student will receive a CD with a copy of all the photos. I also whip up a "yearbook" with each of their faces. They get a kick out of signing out for mustache drawing though... Something that I am doing new this year is making copies of our center games, reader's theaters, reading activities, and summer reading log and loading it all up into a one-stop, fun-filled, Summer Pack. They are super excited about this kit that can be taken anywhere! I will take pics and post them ASAP. :-) Happy event planning!

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